Laws to Know Before Filing for Divorce in New York

New York is one of several states that has a no fault divorce option. Other states require that you choose a reason for your divorce such as abandonment or fraud. In New York, you can file for divorce without listing a specific reason. The state also allows for an at fault filing, which means that one person in the marriage is primarily responsible for the divorce. While a lawyer like Tully Rinckey can help you file, you may want to learn more about how the law in your state works before scheduling a consultation.

Establish Residency

You can only file for a divorce in New York is you meet certain residency requirements. If you exchanged vows in the state and one or both of you still live in the state, you can file. You can also file if you are a current resident of the state and lived in New York for at least one year before filing. If you have grounds for divorce that occurred in the state, those grounds happened at least one year you file and at least one of you still lives in New York, you can also file.

Child Support

New York considers the parent the children live with as the custodial parent. The other parent is the noncustodial parent. Even if you share in the raising of your children, the court may find the noncustodial parent responsible for paying child support. The court can require that the parent pay 17% of his her adjusted gross income to the custodial parent for one child or 25% of that income for two children. The noncustodial parent may need to help cover educational costs, life insurance and other costs too.

Equitable Distribution of Property

Unless you have a prenuptial agreement in place, the court will look at more than 10 factors to determine how it divides the property that you own together. Property can include the family home, any vehicles you purchased, a business that you own and even items inside your house. It often depends on the date of purchase. Anything you owned before the marriage is yours, but it can also change based on your spouse’s connection to that property. If you started your own business while married and let your spouse help, you may be responsible for paying your former spouse a portion of the profits that you make.


One thing you also need to consider is alimony. Also called spousal support, this refers to an amount of money that the court orders one partner to pay the other. This often comes about because one spouse worked and the other stayed home to raise the children or in cases where one spouse is ill and cannot work outside of the home. The court will look at how much the individual makes and factors like age and the length of the marriage. Judges may order that the alimony payments last indefinitely or that the payments only last for a set period of time.

During your consultation with an attorney like Rinckey, explain as much about your circumstances as possible. This helps the attorney determine when to file and what to ask for during the proceedings. New York allows anyone who meets its residency requirements to file for divorce

How to Prepare for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is always the last resort. You should take the time to explore other options before deciding to file for bankruptcy. In most cases, you can settle outstanding debts and regain control over your finances – both personal and business – through other methods.


There are, however, situations where bankruptcy is the best solution. When you have exhausted all of your options and you are ready to file for bankruptcy as a last resort, these are some of the things you need to do in order to prepare for the process.

Take Another Look at Your Financial Situation

Before filing for bankruptcy, it is important that you take another look at the financial situation you are in. A good way to start is by getting your credit report and reviewing your credit history in detail. Review all of your debts and make a list of all of the outstanding ones. Prioritize debts based on the nature of each loan and their interest rates.

At this point, it is also a good idea to start listing your assets. After a thorough check, you should be able to see if your assets can cover all of your debts. Not being able to pay your debts doesn’t always mean you are insolvent. It could just mean you failed to maintain a healthy cash flow, in which case there are still other solutions to consider to get out of the situation you are in.

Get an Attorney

When you are absolutely sure that filing for bankruptcy is the way to go, start a search for a good bankruptcy lawyer immediately. While you can tackle the tasks for filing for bankruptcy yourself, having a good attorney by your side every step of the way will make the entire process a lot easier.

For starters, you can avoid making unnecessary mistakes along the way. These mistakes can be costly and you definitely want to do your best to avoid them. An experienced attorney can help you navigate through the process and handle any challenge that may come your way as you file for bankruptcy.

Searching for a bankruptcy lawyer is relatively easy these days. Firms such as Parkman White, LLP have experts in bankruptcy law, which means you will be able to find a good attorney to represent you in no time.

Get Your Paperwork in Order

Now that you have an attorney helping you with the filing, it is time to start collecting paperwork and other documents related to the bankruptcy filing. Fortunately, you don’t have to do everything yourself. You now have a qualified team of legal experts helping you draft and prepare the right documents as well as gather the necessary documents to support your case.

The next step to take is actually filing for the bankruptcy. Once the filing is completed, you will have to go through a series of legal proceedings before the court can declare you bankrupt. Again, consult your attorney every step of the way so that you don’t end up making mistakes. This, and the previous preparations you made, will help you file for bankruptcy without hassle.

The best compensation claim

Life can become harsh sometimes. It can happen to anyone. This is how life works. Accidents can happen to anyone and at any time. Sometimes, it is your fault and sometimes it is not. Many people suffer the consequences of accidents for the rest of their lives. When accidents happen the person who is injured suffers physically as well as psychologically. At first, there is shock. The family is in shock and the person who is injured is also in shock. After some days, the shock is gone and then the pain, the depression and hopelessness sets in. This is the feeling of every person who becomes a victim of an accident. When it is not your fault and you become a victim of the accident, you feel angry. You feel like you have been wronged. You are paying for someone else’s mistakes. So if you find yourself in such a situation, you can get the justice you deserve. If you have been physically or psychologically harmed due to someone else’s negligence, then you can get compensation for your injury. It was not your fault that you were injured. So, why should you pay for all the medical dues due to that injury.

When you have been injured due to the negligence of someone else, then The Compensation Experts can help you.You can claim a compensation for all your injuries and the medical bills. Your treatments will be paid by the other party because it was their fault that you got sick. If someone deliberately hit you or do something bad with you, you have every right to claim your loss. You can even sue the guy and can also take the extra money as fine. There are so many expenses of health these days, so don’t think that it is polite to forgive and all. You still need money to give the hospital bills and if you don’t have any, where you going to get it? There are so many people who don’t get into these things. They think that it will make their position in society weak and things like that.

They need to understand that people do not think about these things, so don’t think what they are going to think, but do what suits you. If you don’t want to get involved in any kind of mess, you can always take help of the compensation experts. They have proper information about each and everything and if you are innocent, they will do their best to make you win. Another best part about them is most of them don’t even charge you a penny unless and until you win the case. So you don’t have to worry about their fees and all of this. You can pay them afterwards with the compensation money. So don’t wait for another minute. Pick up your phone and dial their number. They are mostly available 24/7. Tell them about your problem and that’s it. You are going to win some money.

When Is It Time to Hire a Healthcare Lawyer? 

Many people witness all sorts of nefarious doings on a daily basis. There are certain industries that are more conducive to corruption than others. However, such things can happen in any industry, and it’s important to keep an eye out. Sometimes you even have to go a bit further and actually blow the whistle on wrongdoing and corruption. This is a very hard choice to make, because there are always many odds stacked against you. But if you feel that you have a strong case and you can make the charges stick, it’s up to you to uncover the truth and make sure the guilty parties are punished.

What Can a Healthcare Lawyer Do for You?

There are many legal attorneys, such as Jerry Sokol from Miami among many others, who specialize in healthcare law. You can arrange for a consultation with a lawyer in order to determine what to do concerning your case. If a lawyer agrees that you do have a strong enough case to take to court, it’s up to you to file your charges and press your claims. You will need to be absolutely certain that you do have a strong enough case, because your opponents will do everything in their power to discredit you and try to get the charges dismissed. They will likely file a counter suit against you.

Healthcare fraud or malpractice comes in many forms. A healthcare attorney can help you determine exactly what sort of infractions you may have witnessed. Once you are certain what you witnessed, your attorney can help you figure out what laws were broken and what sort of charges to press. From here, you’ll need to rely on your attorney to represent you as you file your suit. A healthcare attorney will represent you in court and help you to maintain your personal composure and credibility. It’s not easy to be a whistle blower, so you will need all the legal help you can get to prove your case.

There’s No Easy Way to Fight Your Opponents in Court

You should understand that it’s never easy to win a healthcare fraud case. It’s even harder to have to be the whistle blower. While your actions are correct, you’ll still have a hard time proving that real misdeeds were done. You’ll need to engage the services of a reputable and professional healthcare attorney to prove your case in court. It will be a long and arduous process since your opponents and their legal team will fight you every step of the way. You’ll need a great deal of patience and perseverance if you hope to prevail and see justice done.

What Happens If You Ultimately Win Your Case?

If you ultimately win your case, you will be rewarded with a settlement that satisfies your financial and legal claims. Most legal attorneys, such as Jerry Sokol and many others, will charge a small percentage of the settlement. The rest of the money will be divided up among the plaintiffs in the case, or used in other ways as the court sees fit to stipulate. The main reward you will get will be the satisfaction of knowing that justice has been served and that the wrongdoers have been duly punished for their deeds.

4 Ways to Make Your Small Law Firm’s Marketing Strategy Successful

At first glance, it might seem like your small law firm may not be able to compete with the big wigs. It’s not about the size of the firm; it’s about the strategies that are used. While advertising might not exactly be your niche, there are still things you can to ensure you are getting the most out of your current law firm marketing strategies. Here are four easy tips you can start employing right away.

  1. Learn About Marketing Strategies

What’s the different between digital marketing and physical marketing? Can you get more exposure by turning to social media or renting a billboard? Even if you rely on an agency for advertising, it’s useful to understand the different strategies and their benefits. For example, while it’s important to have social media presence, you can’t spend all of your time there. You need to expand your exposure. Start by educating yourself on different available strategies.

  1. Track the Results of Your Current Plan

Software and algorithms exist to help you see which strategies are bringing in the most business. You need to review these results regularly. You want to get rid of any strategies that aren’t working – it will save you money and help you find new clients that much faster.

  1. Put Your Clients First

No matter what your marketing strategies are, don’t forget to take care of your clients first. There is no better advertising than a good referral, so make sure you are always doing your best to meet your clients’ needs.

  1. Hire Professionals If Necessary

When it comes down to it, you need to focus on your business. Advertising is important, but not every small firm has the time to develop and review marketing strategies all the time. In this case, get help from a professional marketing firm. In the end, using these easy tips is a cost-effective way to make sure you are getting the most out of your marketing plan.

Six Questions Answered about DCFS Lawsuit

A DCFS lawsuit is one of the hardest and most complicated things that you may have to go through. We all love our children so much and we all try to do right by them. But we are not perfect, and if law enforcement has some reason to believe your kid is being mistreated, they are within their rights to investigate the matter. So what can you do in such a situation? If you live in Utah, the first thing to do is hire a Utah DCFS Lawyer who can help fight for your rights in the matter.


These cases are complicated, as we have mentioned, and we are going to take a look at some of the questions you may have regarding a DCFS lawsuit in Utah.

Where will the Kids Live?

If you happen to face one of these lawsuits, you may find your kids taken away from your custody on a temporary basis. In these situations, the kids are either going to go to the other parent or legal guardian, or they will get placed in a foster home until the matter is resolved.

What are Foster Homes?

Foster homes are places where other individuals have volunteered to keep kids who do not have parents who are willing or able to take care of them. A Foster Home is usually a temporary place where a kid stays.

Can I Visit My Child If They Are Taken Away?

Yes, in a vast majority of cases, you will get the right to see your kid as long as your case is not too contentious. Your social worker is going to help you arrange days or hours where you can see your kid. Depending on your case, those hours may be supervised or they may be completely free. But in either case, you have to make the best of it!

How Should I Handle Such Cases?

The best thing you can do is to remain calm. After you have hired an attorney in Utah, it is up to you to ensure that you present the best possible defense. Use every means necessary to show that you are a good parent, and not someone who would ever harm your children, intentionally or unintentionally. The more you can show about your good character and parenting skills, the less likely you are going to get a verdict that will take your kids away from you.

Should I Trust the CPS Employees?

Yes and no. CPS employees do not have an agenda against you, but they are also not your friends. They are simply doing their jobs. Tell them as little as possible and do not open up to them about your troubles. The only person you should trust 100 percent in these matters is your lawyer, because they have your interests in mind in such a case.

Who Can I Ask For Help?

A lawyer is the only one who can really help you in these matters. But your family and friends can help too, especially if they can vouch for your parenting skills.

Establishing a Moral Obligation When Contesting a Will

If you are a life partner, spouse, or de-facto partner of a deceased person, your relationship assumes that there is a moral obligation on the deceased person’s part to provide for you financially. This assumption extends to adopted children, children of de-facto relationships, or the actual children of the deceased person at the time of their passing. However, the assumption can be removed if it can be proven that the claimant and the deceased were estranged.

For example, one case showed that the plaintiff did not maintain contact with their father for his first 36 years. Afterward, there were 11 phone calls in a time period of eight years. No exchanges of presents were made at Christmas or at birthdays, not even an exchange of cards. The plaintiff did not make any contact with the deceased during the final two years of their parent’s life. He also did not attend the funeral.

Contesting a Will When You Are Estranged

Still, the plaintiff, with a lawyer’s help, can proceed with his claim. Basically, if you are estranged from your family, or a deceased person did not know of your existence, you can still make a claim under the Family Provisions Act in Australia. GMP contesting a will lawyers can clarify your rights in establishing a moral obligation in this respect. The non-existence or existence of an association with a deceased person is not the concluding factor in contesting a will.

Instead, you must prove that the court should determine that a provision is necessary given your financial and medical circumstances, any competing claims on the decedent’s estate, and the size of said estate. Once all the aforementioned factors are considered and determined, the court will decide if the needs of an estranged child, for example, are significant enough to make a change in a will.

Reviewing a Claimant’s Finances

According to the Family Provision Act, the court must review a person’s current financial situation by assessing rent payments, mortgage repayments, the age of their car, household appliances, tertiary educational needs, child educational needs, existing medical costs, and projected medical costs. When all these costs are assessed, the court can make alterations to a will.

The court, however, will not always change the directions of the deceased. For example, if your children attend private school, you are employed, you own most of your home, and you do not have any ongoing medical expenses, it is unlikely that a court will alter the will.

However, if you are currently renting and your children attend public school, or your income is low, then an alteration will probably be made to the instructions of the decedent. Therefore, an applicant must show that they have a need that warrants the court to provide for them from an estate.

Provisions for Step-children

If you are a step-child, you do not have the automatic entitlement to approach a court for provisions from a deceased parent’s estate. You are not considered to be instantly eligible. However, this does not mean that you cannot approach the court at all.

You first must establish that you are eligible or are someone who, at any certain time, was partly or entirely dependent on the deceased parent. Eligibility also applies when you were, at any certain time or other occasion, a member of the deceased person’s household. Therefore, you must show your dependency on the deceased.


Important Pointers for picking a great injury lawyer

  • Recognize your needs.

The kind of case you have, the kind of lawyer you require. In basic, a simple car accident case with modest injuries can be managed by a lot of accident lawyers. On the other hand, complex, serious injury or death cases are worthy of the interest of extremely skilled lawyers with strong performance history like Jeremy Diamond Lawyer. If your objective is to settle a case, you may not believe you require a knowledgeable trial lawyer. Insurance business take into account your lawyer’s online reputation when they choose how much to provide. Lawyers who do not attempt cases normally have the ability to protect less for their clients than lawyers who do.

  1. Research a number of lawyers.

Assessments are constantly free, so take the time to speak with more than one lawyer. If they know lawyers, ask friends, family and leaders in your neighbourhood. Do not take their word for it. Use the web to look the lawyers up.

  1. Make certain you feel a favourable connection.

How does it feel when you meet with the lawyer for the first time. Is the lawyer concentrated on you. Or are they continuously being disrupted. Or side tracked. Do they remember what you are stating. Do they have excellent eye contact. Do you seem like this is somebody you can rely on. Do they keep you waiting without apology. Do you really consult with the lawyer or with personnel? Do the files you are offered to submit appear suitable. Has care been required to ensure that the office is a caring and inviting place. Do you seem like you are being treated with self-respect and regard. And as an individual with individual needs.

  1. Notification whether the lawyer appears caring and knowledgeable.

When you consult with the lawyer do they listen carefully. When you ask questions do they address them or elude. , if you have a technical question are they able to with confidence offer you a response or inform you what it will take to get a great response.

  1. Ask who will really be dealing with your case.

You might believe you are hiring a specific lawyer. As time goes by you might find that they are not really doing the work on your case. Ask this at the beginning. Who will deal with your case. What function will everyone have. Some companies are established to settle great deals of cases. Rather of getting personal interest, your case will be dealt with as if on an assembly line. Some companies have new partners or law trainee interns doing much of the work. Learning how the firm will staff your case will avoid misconceptions in the future. Or lead you to your next lawyer interview.

Choose whether you can rely on the lawyer.

You need to go with your gut impulse on this, however a lot of small ideas enter into choosing whether you can rely on somebody or not. Your injury insurance claim is a concern – regardless if it is a modest sized case or a big and extremely intricate one. This will be the individual who will promote your cause. And eventually offer you suggestions on ways to best fix them.


5 Simple Tricks to Choose the Best Attorney for Your Personal Injury Claims

When you get injured on the job, probably the last thing you or your family think about is suing. However, an injury means time off work, which does not pay the bills or help you save toward retirement. In that case, if the injury is a result of the company’s poor planning or of a situation being ignored until it caused an injury, then it is time to consider legal action. Hiring a lawyer for a personal injury claim is not simply a matter of looking up an ad and making a call. There are factors to consider and things to research before you choose the right lawyer to handle your case.


Look at the Attorney’s Experience

When looking for an attorney, find out how long that attorney has been practicing and what type of cases the attorney regularly handles. Certain attorneys focus on aspects of the law that would not allow them to help with personal injury cases. However, even those who focus on personal injury law may simply not be successful. This shows in their record.

Find Out if the Attorney Has a Disciplinary Record

Knowing if your attorney behaves appropriately toward clients or regarding courtroom behavior is another important factor in their hiring. You should search online to determine if the attorney you are considering has been suspended or disbarred in another state. This will show that they are not the type of lawyer that you want to hire to handle your case. You want someone you can trust and that will not be getting in trouble in the courtroom.

Look for an Attorney that is Close Geographically

Cases of personal injury need to be filed in the state where the injury occurred. For people who work in one state and live in another, this makes the situation a bit more challenging. People who get injured in a specific state need to find a lawyer in that state that can handle their case. When lawyers take the bar, it is for the specific state where they live and base their practice. Therefore, a lawyer can practice in one state but not another.

Consider their Experiences at Trial and Winning Record

Not every case goes to trial. This should be considered when you are looking at an attorney’s record. However, out of their total cases, it is smart to see how many did not go to trial, what the resolution was for those cases and the number of cases the lawyer one that did to go to trial. Then you can determine if this lawyer seems like they are experienced enough to help you reach a positive resolution.

Google the Attorney

Finding the attorney’s web site can provide you with an idea of their perspective on law and how they handle their clients. The way the web site is worded can let you know if you want to hire this attorney or another of the available Orlando accident attorneys in order to have a successful outcome for your specific case.

5 Simple Tricks To Pursue A Successful Paralegal Career

Being a paralegal is a very interesting career choice. There is an unfortunate misconception that results in people viewing paralegals as stepping stones towards becoming an attorney. But the truth is there are many paralegals around the United States who have no plans of becoming a lawyer. They are very happy with the job they are asked to do and with the pay they receive. If you are someone who wants to become a paralegal, you may want to learn more about their job description so that you will know what to expect. In addition, here are five simple trucks to help you become a success as a paralegal:


Even though some law offices and government organizations do not mind hiring paralegals who do not have the necessary certifications, it is always a better idea to get certified. Take the required courses and pass your exams. If you have your paralegal certificate, it means that you can apply for any job in the area, regardless of whether they require it or not.

2. Understand the Law

Even though paralegals are not always working directly on legal cases, it is going to help you down the road if you begin to understand the law. Each time you are assigned some research about a case, take the time to learn a bit more about the case. Even if it means doing some reading on your own time, you are going to benefit so much from having a better understanding of the law. Paralegals who “get” the law are more likely to get asked to assist on legal cases in the future.

3.Team Player

Not every part of being a paralegal is glamorous and exciting. If you are working your first or second job as a paralegal, you are probably working in a smaller law office. In these settings, paralegals often double as secretaries, because the law office cannot afford to hire too many people. Now you may find getting coffee and making photocopies as beneath you, but you are supporting the entire office when you perform the most menial of tasks as a paralegal. And your fellow professionals are going to remember your sacrifice.

4.Work in Different Environments

For those who spend more than a decade as a paralegal, it is a good idea to find jobs in different types of offices. For example, you can work for a criminal lawyer for a few years, before moving onto a financial law firm. You can also find jobs with government offices where lawyers are present. Working in different office environments gives you a well-rounded understanding of the legal system, while it also helps you see where you would prefer to work in the long-term.

5.Develop Your Skills

Never miss an opportunity to develop your skills. Whether we are talking about learning a new computer program or technique that helps with your job, or improving your analytical and research skills, you must never stand still if you want to become a successful paralegal for the long term.